Our Company

Better Signs was incorporated in 1992 to become a creative and reliable Vancouver sign company. Due to our affiliation with a trade show company, in our early days we focused on trade show graphics and then retail signs. Along with our parent company PW Exhibit, we continued to grow and develop long-term client relationships.

PW Exhibit is now known as Mackenzie Exhibit and operates across North America from locations in Metro Vancouver and Salt Lake City, Utah.  MacKenzie Exhibit is full service trade show company known for exceptional client service, award-winning custom exhibits, custom rental displays and retail shop-in-shop design.

Better Signs continues to experience growth as a leading Vancouver sign company. While there are many changes to how we work, we’ll always provide the same high level of service as we have for 24 years.

What We Do

Better Signs designs, produces and installs signs, decals and display products used for a wide range of purposes. Our products and services help build or enhance a corporate image or brand, sell products or services, identify, direct and inform. We use a variety of materials and processes to create graphics and visual decor.  You’ll find our work in commercial interiors, building exteriors, development sites, retail spaces, vehicles, on industrial equipment and at trade shows, tournaments and other special events.

Customers looking for a reliable Vancouver sign company tell us that is sometimes hard to find.  Our goal at Better Signs is to be a trusted sign and graphics producer known for our exceptional service and quality work.

Our Clients

Better Signs works with a wide range of clients including professionals, business owners, graphic designers, brand managers, ad agencies and marketing professionals. We serve customers in a wide variety of industries, including: trades, professional services, construction project managers, marketing agencies, apparel manufacturers, mining, oil and gas, retail, transportation, natural health foods and much more.

Our Mission

Better Signs’ goal is to understand what you’re looking to achieve and provide practical, timely, high quality solutions. We want to provide good value for our client’s advertising dollars. We’re focused on providing exceptional service and quality workmanship at every stage. We’re committed to our client’s complete satisfaction and building long-term relationships.

At Better Signs, our clients say we’re not just another Vancouver sign company. More than a supplier, we’re a reliable partner.  Contact Better Signs to discuss your goals and find out if our services are the right fit for you.

Our Approach

Our first step is to learn more about what you’re looking for.  Once we understand your goals, we’ll use our experience and expertise make recommendations for products and services that may work for you.

Whether you’re looking for a 3D building sign, privacy glass film for offices or a custom trade show booth, we have a wide range of capabilities.  We’ll consider a variety of factors as we determine possible solutions for your graphics, signs or display.

  • Unique logo applications for entire fleet... We’ve worked with Better Signs since we started 11 years ago.  With 2 guys and a truck, we wanted to appear a bigger company than we were, so we bought a new truck and had it professionally decaled by Better Signs. The graphics gave us the appearance we wanted, and since then we’ve grown to a company of 65 people with a fleet of 15 vehicles, all professionally wrapped/decaled by Better Signs. We wanted clean lines, balanced/leveled installation of logos with unique installations. (logos crossing doors, bleeding into windows, etc.) Better Signs’ service is second to none.  They know our company so well that we rarely need to go back and forth on mock-ups.   They come to our job sites which saves us valuable time in ensuring our vehicles don’t have any down time.   Their work is consistently amazing and I recommend them all the time.

    Jeremy Miller Owner, Houston Landscapes